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Haminzar Bar Tel Aviv (The Monastery )

The Monastery is a virtual phenomenon. The pub is regarded as of the truly veteran Tel-Aviv pubs, yet it still benefits from the high-class Tel-Aviv populace as its customers. The pub is open 24/7, while its crowd ranges between mostly adults (35+) in the afternoon and younger age groups (25+) during the night. 

The Monastery is situated on Allenby St. next to the former location of the legendary club “Allenby 58”. The place offers a selection of beverages, most noteworthy among them being “Taibe beer”, a rare beer scarcely found outside of The Monastery itself. On Friday afternoons one may enjoy a diverse specials menu, changing according to the chef’s whim.

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Address: 60 Alenbi street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-5173015
Payment: Cash
Age: 18+
Activity Hours
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