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Flea Italian Restaurant, Jaffa

A lovely Italian Restaurant is situated right next to Jaffa’s Flea Market. This is a truly authentic Italian Restaurant where the menu offers a large variety of pizzas, pastas and a few meat dishes as well. The restaurant is well known for its delicious starters and reasonable prices. The restaurant’s atmosphere is wonderful; most of the tables are outside on Jaffa’s streets what gives an exciting dining experience. Enjoy.

  • Romantic
  • Outdoor Area
  • Handicaps
  • Smoking Area

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Questions and Answers

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Flea Italian Restaurant, Jaffa

Åntipasti E Primi

*Served with our sourdough bread & a daily made butter

Additional bread - NIS 8 

Carpaccio of Beef Fillet - NIS 42
Italian artichokes, lemon aioli, Parmigiano & spring onions

Fish Carpaccio - NIS 42
Olive oil, classic vinaigrette, tomato puree, radish, lemon zest, chives

Fish Carpaccio - NIS 45
Olive oil, classic vinaigrette, tomato puree, radish, lemon zest, chives

Pair of roasted bone marrows, parsley and coarse salt - NIS 38

Beet & Goat - NIS 38
Beetroot, goat cheese, basil, olive oil, chopped hazelnuts

Mushroom and Sage risotto (served without bread - NIS 36

Spring salad - NIS 40
Mixed Lettuce, ricotta, radish, carrots, chives, tomatoes, seasonal fruit, vinaigrette

Insalata Malfadonia - NIS 44
Mixed Lettuce, arugula, anchovies, fresh fish Carpaccio, radish, tomato, celery, classic vinaigrette


Ali olio - NIS 40
olive oil, garlic, eggplant, lemon zest, feta cheese, arugula and chili flakes

Arrabbiata - NIS 38
tomato sauce, bell pepper paste, spicy pepper paste, garlic & fresh oregano

Melanzana - NIS 40
tomato sauce garlic, eggplant & fresh celery

Bologna -NIS 48
real minced meat ragout, simmering on low heat for two hours

Salsiccia - NIS 50
Italian sausage (beef and pork), in tomato sauce

Fungi -  NIS 40
extremely rich mushroom sauce

Carciofi -  NIS 46 
artichoke in cream & chili flakes

Carbonara - NIS 46
egg yolks, cream, parmigano cheese & pancetta

Roman pasta - NIS 48
chicken livers, bone marrow, browned onions, fresh celery leafs and sweet balsamic syrup

Pasta Di Mare - NIS 52
seafood in tomato sauce & herbs or with olive oil, garlic & parsley

Lasagna - NIS 48
minced beef meat, tomato sauce, béchamel sauce & Parmigiano cheese

Kid's plate -NIS 19
pasta in red or white sauce, without any greens (small dish

*For those who are allergic to wheat flour – ask for pasta made of corn flour


In tomato sauce, basil & ricotta cheese - NIS 42

With salmon cubes, cream, egg yolks, garlic and parmesan cheese - NIS 46

With shrimp, goat cheese, sour cream & spicy pepper marmalade - NIS 52

With shrimp, goat cheese, sour cream & spicy pepper marmalade - NIS 46

In garlic, mushrooms, sweet balsamic syrup, arugula & crème fresh - NIS 46

Our Gnocchi can be served with any sauce of our pastas with an addition of  4 NIS 


*Served along a mini salad of tomato & onion in balsamic vinegar and olive oil ( in order T.A pizza no salad included)

Margharita - NIS 39
tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil

Melanzana -NIS 42
tomato sauce, eggplant, mozzarella cheese & parsley

Spicy -NIS 44
bell pepper sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, chili flakes, olives & arugula

Carbonara - NIS 46
béchamel sauce, egg yolk, pancetta, Parmigiano & ground pepper

Mushroom mountain - NIS 44
tomato sauce, mixed mushrooms, mozzarella cheese & spring onions

Salsice Diabolo - NIS 50
tomato sauce, Italian sausage (beef and pork), mozzarella & chili flakes

Pepperoni - NIS 48
bell pepper sauce, salami, mozzarella cheese & chives

Shepherd & grass - NIS 44
tomato sauce, feta cheese, arugula, parsley & chives

All you can meat -NIS 52
tomato sauce, salami, Bolognese sauce, pancetta & mozzarella

Four cheeses - NIS 46
tomato sauce, feta cheese, parmeggiano, ricotta, mozzarella and arugula

Vegetarian - NIS 46
tomato sauce, bell pepper sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, eggplant, artichoke & olives

Make your own pizzas - We don’t mind…
The base is margarita39
Every topping (6 nis) (complete or half a pizza
kalamata olives / bell pepper sauce / green onion / parsley / chives / roasted onions

parmigiano cheese / ricotta cheese / goat cheese / feta cheese

Was alive
pancetta / Bolognese sauce / salami / egg (sunny side-up
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Restaurant Details

From $ 25 .00 usd
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Location: 16 Olei Zion street, Jaffa
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Phone: 972-(0)3-6829678
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday-Saturday: 12pm-1am.
Business Menu
No data
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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