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The Wedding Church, Galilee

The wedding church also known as the wine miracle church, is named after the first miracle Jesus did in a poor man's wedding in Kfar Kana, during the weeding according to the new testament Jesus transformed water into wine. The wedding church is a Catholic Church run by the Franciscan order that is the largest and most important order in the catholic stream. The church was founded in the year 1879 upon the remains of a big church from the crusaders period.

The wedding church is built out of two towers that represent the couple in the Kana wedding, where as the dome represents the family cell. Inspired by tradition on the wedding and the miracle of the wine, a tradition of weddings and vow renewals of many believers who come to this church exactly for this purpose has evolved. 

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Location: Kfar Kana, Galilee & Golan
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Phone: +972-(0)4-6517011
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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