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The Maronite Church, Jaffa

The Maronite Church is located in the South Tip of Dolphin St, in the Maronite neighborhood of Jaffa. The Maronites are Arabic speaking Christians who evolved in the Northern part of Syria and the center of Lebanon and belong to the Catholic Church stream.

The church in Jaffa was built in 1904 by Iscander Awed, a Maronite merchant who worked as Thomas Cock's agent and build a large part of Raziel St. In the church are Maronite monks from Lebanon. Right next to the Maronite church lays another church – Saida El Bisra named after the angel who told Mary of Jesus' upcoming birth. It was built in 1928 and next to it is a bell tower remains of an even older church.

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Location: 22 Dolphin street, Jaffa
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Phone: +972-3-6823314
Age: All ages
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