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The Great Synagogue, Jerusalem

Adjacent to the Hall of Solomon. It was christened in 1982 after a very long period of time which there was an increasing need for a national synagogue in the Israel's capital city. Wolfson dedicated the structure to the six million jews who were killed in the holocaust as well as to the fallen soldiers of the IDF. the elaborate building was an 18 million dollar investment.

many believers fill the synagogue ( including many Jews from abroad) , especially on the Sabbath and on holidays which have their festive prayers , including cant illation chapters from the finest professional cantors. The synagogue includes 1400 seats, the prayer is in a Ashkenaz version.

The synagogue's lobby holds a small inner temple for the Spanish sector and near that temple lies a collection of mezuzahs from all over the world.

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Location: 58 King George street, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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