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The Best Restaurants in Eilat

You’re in your hotel and feeling hungry but you don’t know where to eat? You’ve come to the right place! Even though Eilat is a small city, it has quite a few restaurants. Beware, some of them are “traps for tourists”, in order for you not to fall for those traps we’ve gathered here the best restaurants in Eilat.
, Written by Yourway Team
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Not to say that any restaurant that isn’t mentioned here is a “trap for tourists”- not at all. There are a lot more restaurants in the city that are worth visiting, however the restaurants in this article were carefully chosen by this web sites staff and the general internet surfers. So you can be sure the food will be delicious. Here we go…
The Last Refuge is located a few minutes by car from the Eilat- Egypt border and is set in a small marina. The outdoor area of the restaurant is close to the water which creates a romantic atmosphere. This restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the city and offers a fish and sea food menu. The menu is simple and is based on fresh produce that arrives every day from the cities fishermen. The fish and sea food dishes are wonderful and also there are great first courses. There’s no need for smart dishes- a fish on the grill will bring you lots of joy. Bon- appetite.

The Giraffe Restaurant is part of a family of famous Asian restaurants from Tel-Aviv. They opened an Eilat branch a few years back and ever since then this is the place for Asian food in the city. The restaurant offers an Asian menu that incorporates elements from the Thai and Japanese kitchen, with a New York touch which adds a twist to the food. The restaurant is considered one of the best Asian places in Israel. Also, the prices are affordable and the dishes are especially big- so come hungry… 
The Boston Fish and Grill is located right under the Royal Beach Hotel and offers a North American menu incorporating meat and fish on the grill. The restaurant has a fun and spacious outdoor sitting area. The menu is varied and rich and almost anyone will be able to find the right dish for him; fish, meat, pasta, salad and more. The prices aren’t so cheap but the dishes are big and rich. So if you’re in an American kind of mood, this is the restaurant for you.  
So you’re really hungry and in the mood for a lot of meat- look no further… The Casa Do Brazil is a Brazilian meat restaurant that offers kebabs. The waiters walk around with trays of different kinds of meat kebabs. On each table there are traffic lights, when the light is green the waiters will place what you ask for on your plate. When the light is red you can take a break. The restaurant is a fixed price all you can eat place, so make sure you come with a big appetite… bon appetite. 

The Italian- La Cucina Restaurant

La Cucina restaurant isn’t the best Italian restaurant we’ve ever been to, but nevertheless it does maintain a high Italian standard. The restaurant offers a menu based on the Toscana kitchen merged with a touch of Mediterranean elements. La Cucina is located on the Royal Beach promenade where you can sit in the outdoor area and enjoy Eilats’ weather at night. So if you’re in the mood for pizza and pasta La Cucina is your best pick. 

We hope you found what you were looking for. If you’re still not sure and hungry, in this next link you’ll find all the restaurants in Eilat . Most importantly, have a fun vacation! 

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