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The Best Clubs In Tel Aviv

So with the coming of summer, which brings with it the season of endless entertainment, we have drawn you up a report of all the fun places to while away the hot summer nights in Tel Aviv. 
, Written by Yourway Team
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So first of all, the question you should be asking yourselves is “wether I prefer to spend the night on a party or a pub?” If the answer is “bars”, you should go on to the next story. If you are still here, it must mean you are searching for the better clubs in town. As you must know, Tel Aviv's night life is one of the best reputed in the world. Fittingly, the amount of parties scattered all over town is amazing, and that's why this report will try and concentrate the five best clubs in town.


The Galina:

This may possibly be the most famous spot at the Tel-Aviv port. For 5 years now the place has been filled every summer night with thousands of young people coming to have fun and drink. From the loudspeakers one can dance to the sounds of mainstream music including dance music, hip hop and more. Entrance to the place is tight every day of the week so it is advised to arrive early.

The Sublet:

The current season will be the place's third working summer, and since its opening the spot has been jam packed every day of the week throughout the summer. The sublet is located on the Tel-Aviv promenade on a roof overlooking the Tel-Aviv coastline. Like the rest of Tel-Aviv's leading hotspots one should arrive early in order to gain entrance.

Ya Ya Club Tel Aviv

YaYa (African word for summer), which recently opened in the lighthouse, already seems like it’s going to be the biggest hit of the season.  The space is huge and is divided into an air-conditioned indoor lounge, and an open balcony with a view to the magical beach of Tel Aviv.  

The Gazoz:

The Gazoz is a relatively new spot in the Tel-Aviv scene, having opened last summer and since its inception has been giving the Galina quite a fight. The place is located at the Tel-Aviv port and half of its area is made up of a huge balcony. Entrance to the place is tight therefore it is recommended to come early to ensure one's admission

The Cat and Dog:

If you are fans of electronic music then the Cat and Dog is the place for you. The Cat and Dog is an underground club located on Carlibach St. Nearly every night the place hosts an electro party lasting up until the morning hours. For all those fans out there of the genre this is without a doubt the place for you. 

Tel Aviv is full of great places, so that if by chance none of the above really matched your tastes, we invite you to the next link, where you'll be able to find a large amount of good clubs in Tel Aviv. 


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