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The Andromeda Rock, Jaffa

In the far north end of the harbor stands a group of stones.  A beautiful and famous legend is told about that group of stones. Andromeda was the beautiful daughter of king kapios, it was told she retold  the furious of the god of  sea posidon . After her mother said that she and her daughter were more beautiful than the daughters of the sea. The furious god posidon sent his sea monster to ruin the kingdom.

The king decided to sacrifice his doughter after a lot of pressure from the panicked people of the kingdom that hoped that it would please the god and save the kingdom. Andromeda was tied up to the rocks but the king and queen regretted their decision and promised who ever saves Andromeda could take her to be his wife. Suddenly perseos son of zoos, king of the gods saw her and fell in love. He killed the monster and like all fairytales won the hand of the beautiful bride to be Andromeda.  

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Location: The Old city, Jaffa
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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