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The Restaurants with the Best Views in Israel

Dining opposite the Old City, enjoying a breakfast overlooking the Jerusalem Hills, or simply sipping a blissful cocktail in front of the waves. If you're someone who believes a good environment is an important component of the culinary experience, then this is for you.
, Written by Yourway Team
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Note that this is a condensed list of the most beautiful places in Israel, which doesn't include them all. It is important to consider time of day and where you're sitting in the restaurant to get the full effect. In any case, be sure to bring a camera! Let's begin:

The Highest Café in Israel – Kofi Anan, Mount Avital

The café Kofi Anan, which serves dairy foods, sits atop Mount Avital, famous for its view of the Syrian hills and its view of the Syrian border. The view is breath-taking and the atmosphere here is utterly serene. It isn't famous for the food (despite this being perfectly nice) but rather for its location, and we wouldn't say no to a cup of coffee while taking in the remarkable landscape.

Recommended time to visit: Daylight hours
Best place to sit: Right by the window

Facing the Old City – Roof Top Restaurant, Jerusalem

The Brasserie Roof Top restaurant offers a second to none experience to which nothing in the world can compare – eating with a view of the enchanting Old City. The restaurant, which is located on the rooftop of the Mamila Hotel 50 meters from the ancient city walls is the perfect choice for a romantic dinner for two. The restaurant's menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, main courses including grilled meats, fish fresh salads, mouth-watering pasta dishes and unique desserts. 

Recommended time to visit: All hours of the day
Best place to sit: You could actually sit anywhere here and still enjoy the view

Viewing the old city - Roof Top Restaurant. 

At the foot of Mount Canaan – Musket restaurant, Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel

One of the most famous restaurants (and best) in the north. The restaurant, which is located in the extravagant Mitzpe Hayamim hotel, offers a gourmet meal opposite a gorgeous view. The restaurant overlooks the Galilean Hills, the Hula Valley, and the Sea of Galilee. On top of all that, the restaurant serves all organic food and all the ingredients are grown on the hotel's farm, so not only do you have an incredible view but also get a rare culinary experience.

Recommended time to visit: Sunset
Best place to sit: Ask for a table by the window

Breakfast over the Jerusalem Hills – Rama's Kitchen

This is one of the most special places on our list. In the heart of a spice farm opposite the wild beauty of the Jerusalem Hills you can find Rama's Kitchen. This restaurant is only open in the morning, and not every day of the week. However, the breakfast you'll get here is unlike any other, and only partly because of the amazing view. This is an unconventional restaurant which offers a simply extraordinary breakfast. Highly recommended.

Recommended time to visit: Morning
Best place to sit: You can enjoy the view from every angle

The Highest Place in Tel Aviv – 2C restaurant, Azrieli Towers

This is without a doubt one of the most famous spots in Israel to propose. In fact there aren’t many couples out there that searched for somewhere romantic to eat and didn't end up here. No need for long explanations, this restaurant is located on the 49th storey of the Azrieli Towers, so the restaurant overlooks the entire city in an incredible panoramic view. The restaurant offers a kosher menu of meats and fish for a high price.

Recommended time to visit: Sunset, evening.
Best place to sit: By the window.

At Herod's port – the Helena restaurant, Caesarea Port

In one of the world's oldest ports there is an amazing fish restaurant situated just a few meters from one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The turquoise color of the water turns your exquisite fish meal into a much more magnificent experience. It also happens to be an extremely high quality restaurant, and this is one of the sites you just can't miss on your trip to Israel. 

Recommended time to visit: Sunset
Best place to sit: By the water.

An urban view to take your breath away – Casa Nova

Facing the Tel Aviv beach, right by the Old City of Jaffa, you'll find the fantastic restaurant Casa Nova. As well as the magnificent view you can enjoy a colourful Latin cuisine full of surprises. You can also enjoy a rich variety of alcoholic beverages which goes well with the view.

Recommended time to visit: All through the day
Best place to sit: On the balcony, because if you sit inside you won't get the view at all.

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