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Tel Aviv – One of the World's Leading Culinary Destinations

We natives say it all the time: Tel Aviv is the most delicious city on Earth. Since we couldn't make the official call, the renowned food magazine Saveur did it for us and not surprisingly labeled Tel Aviv an "excellent culinary destination."
, Written by The Yourway Team
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Saveur magazine is one of the world's most important cooking and culinary publications. Its US version has hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide, and every year they, along with the magazine's staff, select the winners of the culinary tourism prizes and most outstanding awards. This year, Tel Aviv received the people's choice award, together with Lyon and Florence, two cities renowned as European culinary centers. 

What made Tel Aviv stand out?

Tel Aviv is home to almost 4,500 food-related businesses; over 1 restaurant for every 1,000 people, an unprecedented number by western standards. Along with the delicious local hummus, shakshuka and sabih eateries, as well as its omnipresent food bars, Tel Aviv is also home to excellent restaurants such as Rafi Cohen's Raphael, Haim Cohen's Yaffo Tel Aviv, Pronto, Catit, Herbert Samuel, Masa and of course the established Mul Yam. Each of these has recently won a multitude of prizes from various food magazines around the world, including from this blog.

Although Jerusalem did not achieve the same status as Tel Aviv, the holiest of cities is not ignored. The magazine noted the Mahane Yehuda market as one of the world's best markets, along with the colorful markets of Bangkok and Istanbul. 

Another surprise winner is El Al, which received accolades from the magazine for its excellent wine menu that is based on choice local wineries: Golan, Recanati, Castel, Yatir, etc.

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