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Some of The Best New Restaurants in Tel Aviv 2015

Tel Aviv, the city that never rests. Yes I know they say that about New York, but it’s also true about Tel Aviv. The city with the best night life – bars, parties and of course restaurants! Here are some of the best new restaurants in Tel Aviv.   
, Written by Yourway Team
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If you love Asian food you definitely should come here! It’s the restaurant with the greatest buzz in Tel-Aviv! Let’s start with the design of the restaurant – amazing! Wherever you look you need to catch your breath, the design is not traditional, it is super-modern. Even the dishes have a special design. Now, let’s not neglect the great food – every review said that each dish you order is better than the last one. The chef brings himself to the dish, I mean if you think you know the name of the dish you probably get the same dish with a few tiny changes that makes it better.


A French gourmet restaurant that the owner is the same owner of the famous Italian restaurant Cantina. Elba an extraordinary service which makes you want to come back. The restaurant makes you feel comfortable as you would feel at home. The reviewers believe that this restaurant could have succeeded as well in France. The food is unbelievable! You can enjoy every bite and get depressed when it’s over. The place is designed with windows surrounding the entire place so it almost feels like you’re sitting outside, you can enjoy looking at the street and even feel part of it. Like the place has its design so do the dishes – they are very beautiful! When you eat there it is a treat for the mouth and the eyes.

Port Said
This restaurant is a bar-restaurant which the owner is a very famous and special chef. Eyal Shani (the chef) had a few TV shows, one of them is Master-Chef and he is one of the judges. Shani is one of a kind; I’ve never seen someone who can relate to food like he does. His restaurant is special just like him, let’s start with the fact that it is outside – which make the atmosphere so special because on the one hand you can be part of what’s going on in the street and on the other hand you are not, you sit in the restaurant. You can enjoy music that was picked just for the food so you can feel the food not just in your mouth, I know that doesn’t make sense but it’s true. In addition to the great music, you also hear the sound of the street, so it can get pretty loud but the food is worth it.

Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Restaurant

Another great chef-restaurant by another famous chef – Haim Cohen. He is also a judge in Master-Chef, his belief that everybody born with a talent, some has for music, some for paining and some for food. The special thing about this restaurant is the fact that the menu changes every day since the ingredients change as well. Cohen is a chef that loves to cook and try new things, his food is a combination of a few ethnic groups. The prices are not as high as any other chef’s restaurants, the mood is pleasant, has great design and more importantly – amazing food!

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