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Sitvanit - Paragliding, Tel Aviv

Beginning in 1994, when paragliding was at its early days, we started to gain the necessary knowledge in order to teach flying a paraglider. Over the years since than, the world of paragliding took a major shift in the design and safety of gliders, and today's gliders are better and safer.The methods of teaching flying, however, did not take the same improvements parallel to the improvements in design of flying gear, and although paragliders are safer and better now than they were back in the 1990's, the level of skills a paragliding student acquires, are far under the minimum level of safety.

The general attitude of teaching, even today, is to pass basic skills to the student and let him/her explore flying alone. Tragically, this often leads to injuries and sometime more serious accidents.
This can be avoided if the correct attitude towards teaching flying skills, is implemented. There is only but one way to teach flying. That is by using a systematic and well defined rout to achieve desired goals. Take each habitant on this planet and harness him/her to a canopy on the ground, and they are bound to react in the same instincts, trying to handle a paraglider. These instincts that are built in all of us, are usually the most dangerous in handling a paraglider, and usually are the cause of injuries due to mishandling a glider. It takes considerable effort to root out these built in instincts in a student, before you can move on to the flying stage. By far, this is the most difficult part of teaching flying for both, student and instructor.

Sitvanit - School and Club adopted the following guidelines of conduct:
  • If the skill is not performed perfectly and in an excellent manner, it is not good enough.
  • Safety of flight is above and beyond any consideration.
  • Pursue professionalism relentlessly, in skill and knowledge.
  • Experience and expertise are of paramount importance.
  • Our graduates receive the best skills and knowledge necessary to become good and safe pilots.
In order to achieve these objectives we have set high standards in the following aspects:


Using the most comprehensive individual instruction for each student, we are implementing new and unknown methods.

We incorporate the best and safest gliders in the market today. We use DHV 1 gliders of leading manufacturer in the world. The harness and reserves are the safest money can buy. We replace our flying gear on regular basis to keep our entire equipment in the best shape at all times. 

Radio Communication:
Our students receive instructions directly into a built in ear set in the helmet. This way we minimize the chance of misunderstanding of directives given. 

Manual of Operations:
Accepted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel, we introduced a complete manual of operations under which we operate. Every aspect of running a paragliding school and club is covered in our manual. It includes all the regulations and instructions necessary to obtain a safe, reliable and professional conduct. Our manual of operations also includes a precise syllabus outlining all the teaching material as well as set goals, in order for a student to achieve an adequate level of skill and knowledge.

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Location: 7 Nechama street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: + 972-50-5590894
Payment: Cash & Credit card
Age: 8 - 78
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall - Depending the weather
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