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Simon Tanner House, Jaffa

The House of Simon the Tanner is famous for it hosted Saint Patros, one of Jesus messengers. The house has been owned by the Zackrian Armenian family for generation. The house has a lighthouse built by the English over the remains of the lighthouse built in 1865 and a small  mosque Jama El-Bodrous which was built in 1730, next to it was built a tower that protected the west side of the city. 

Simon's House is a unique site in the heart of old Jaffa that holds a high importance in the christian tradition. According to Christianity an important miricale took place on the roof of this building, Petros had a vision that non Jews can be accepted into Christianity which was a big stepping stone in the progress of Christianity. This site is visited by many crusaders from around the world.

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Location: Shimon Ha'bursekayi, Jaffa
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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