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Sea Of Galilee Beaches - General Information

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The Kineret is the biggest fresh water lake in Israel, and in fact is considered to be the largest and most important reservoir in the country.  Every typical Israeli winter the citizens of Israel follow one thing, the most important measurement.  For these reasons and more the Kineret has become an important national symbol but also a first class tourist resort. 

The Kineret beaches are a festival and overflow with an abundance of activities for any age range.  Many of the coasts allow lodging in a variety of options: there are hotels on the sea shore, hostels, "Tzimerim "(B&B) and of course camping sites for families and young nature lovers. At most of the beaches you may enjoy water sports and diverse water related activities such as tubing. Zodiac boats, banana boats etc. The kids may enjoy fooling around at one of the fascinating water parks (Luna gal, Tzemach or Hoff Guy (Guy beach)), there are many restaurants and supermarket and in every one of them it is possible to enjoy a lot of peace and quiet. 

The Kineret beaches present a wonderful base for trips around the area. Around the Kineret there are many nature site such as Jordan park and Beit Tziada  reserve , Hamat Gader and Naharayim , and let us not forget the beautiful Sothern part of the Golan heights the "kisses" the Kineret lake and is inclined with flowing streams, and wonderful trekking routes in historic site and nature reserves. The Kineret (the Sea of Galilee) has an important religious role in Christianity and that's why it got its current stature of a tourist site for christen tourists. According to Christian tradition Jesus was active in the Kineret region and its surroundings. This place is where he walked on water and did some of his famous miracles such as the fish miracle and the bread in Kfar Nahum. for these reasons, around the Kineret are a lot of sites that are secrete to christens including the mountain of happiness , Ether Yardenit, the bread and fish church, Kfar Nahum , Kursi and the wooden boat that was found in the lake and is now presented in kibbutz Ginusar. And of course historic sites such as Migdal and Tel Hadar, the Ovidia site (Israel's most important prehistoric site). Beit tzaida, Kibbutz Dgania alef, the Moshava Kineret and the city of Tiberius.

The combined length of the kineret coast line is approximately 55 kilometers
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