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Rehavia Neighborhood, Jerusalem

Rehavia neighborhood was established in the end of the twentieth century. The man who planned it was the German Jewish architect, Richard Kaufman. Rehavia neighborhood in Jerusalem was planned as a garden city when most of the neighborhoods streets were designed to be narrow and quiet. A Rehavia neighborhood is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem. It is located in the center of Jerusalem and it borders with Nachlaot from the north side, She'ary Hessed from the western side and Talbiah neighborhoods and Kiryat Moshe on the southern side.

Gaza street is a lively street where on it some of Jerusalem's finest restaurants coffee shops and typical Jerusalem bars. From the famous Humus shop "between Gaza and Berlin" (due to its location between Gaza and Rabbi Berlin streets) to Rehavia Sushi and "Resto-bar" restaurant located in front  of the prime ministers house, where you can find regulars such as Benyamin Netanyahu and different political television anchormen. The official residence of the prime minister is located on the upper part of Gaza Street. On Balfor Street the offices of the Jewish Agency are also located. 

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Location: Rehavia Neighborhood, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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