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Recommended Hotels in Jerusalem

Jerusalem might be the most famous city in the world and there’s hardly a person in the world that hasn’t heard about it. Therefore, every year Jerusalem enjoys millions of tourists that come to see the city all year round.
, Written by Yourway Team
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Thus finding a hotel, especially in the summer can be a difficult task. So if you’re planning on visiting this amazing city and you still haven’t booked a hotel, you’ve reached the right place. In this article we’ll examine the five best hotels in Jerusalem as chosen by this web-sites staff and the general internet surfers. Ready? Here we go.
The King David Hotel is without a doubt the fanciest hotel in Jerusalem. Presidents, prime ministers and diplomats that come to Israel usually reside at this hotel. The hotel is set in a building that was built in the 20’s and designed in the Jerusalem style of those days. The hotels’ design is meticulous and contains elements of King David’s monarchy period in Jerusalem. Alongside the luxurious surrounding, the hotels’ service is at the highest standard, as is expected of a hotel that frequently accommodates world leaders. 

Why? Because there aren’t a lot of hotels at such a high standard.
How much? About 400$ per night.
Con- probably just the price.
Mamila hotel is the newest hotel in Jerusalem and since its opening it’s considered one of the most talked about hotels in the capital. The hotel was designed by one of the worlds most famous designers- Pierro Liconi. The hotel is located a hopping distance from the Old City and is in fact the closest hotel to the Old City. The hotel provides a 5 star deluxe accommodation and a high standard of service as expected of one of the best hotels in Jerusalem. The hotel is located beside the wonderful Mamilla avenue known as Mamilla Mall, a very well considered shopping and recreation center in Jerusalem. 

Why? The location combined with the design and the standard of accommodation make it one of the intriguing hotels in the city.
How much? 300-400$ per night
Con- we really tried to find one. Let’s say that the breakfast on Saturdays is a bit poor, but it’s pretty common for hotels in Israel due to kosher restrictions.

The David Citadel Hotel

The David Citadel Hotel overlooks the amazing Old City and is part of the Akirov chain of hotels which also manages the Mamilla Hotel. The hotel is set in a perfect location; close to the Old City and close to the “new” city, this makes its location one of the best in the city. The hotel offers a 5 star accommodation and the service at the hotel won’t disappoint you. In addition the hotel has a swimming pool available for guests of the hotel which makes staying in Jerusalem in the summer more fun. 

Why? The location is perfect, the swimming pool and the high standard of service make this hotel the perfect experience when staying in Jerusalem. 
How much? 350-450$ per night.
Con- the internet in the rooms costs money which is disappointing considering the cost per night.
Harmony Hotel is located in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Jerusalem- Nachalat Shivah. The pedestrian mall (midrachov) is one of the most popular areas in the city. It’s full of restaurants, bars and quality shops. The hotel is a boutique hotel with 50 rooms and is designed in a modern Jerusalem style. The hotel offers wifi internet throughout the hotel and the service is very nice and courteous. The Harmony Hotel is definitely one of the places where the value for money is the highest in Jerusalem. 

Why?  Because the value for money is high, the ambience at the hotel is pleasant and the location is perfect for those who want to experience modern Jerusalem. 
How much? 200-250$ per night
Con- the location of the hotel is perfect for those who want to experience modern Jerusalem; however the hotel is 15 minutes by foot from the Old City.

On the quality of accommodation there’s no need to go in to detail because the company and their chain of hotels are the best in Israel. As fit for the title of a Dan boutique hotel it won’t disappoint you. There are 129 rooms in the hotel, all are designed in a young and elegant style and include oriental elements. The hotels’ balcony overlooks the walls of the Old City and there you can find tanning beds and a pampering gym. 

Why? Another case of best value for money and also the hotel is meticulous and of good quality
How much? 170-230$
Con- we couldn’t find one, so we leave it for you to judge.

In addition to these hotels you can find an abundance of good hotels in Jerusalem. We chose the five best hotels in our opinion. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in this article, you can go to this next link Jerusalem hotels  
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