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Purim Rave Tel Aviv - The Famous Street Party

Like every year, yesterday Tel Aviv Celebrated Purim with a huge street party, this time at Kikar Hamedina. Thousands of people gathered together  to enjoy the good music and awesome vibe. As always we didn't missed the party so we have many photos and and videos to share with you. Enjoy.    
, Written by The Yourway Team
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Dancing in the sun. 

You don't have to dance you can just enjoy the sun... :) 

Run Forrest, Run!!!!

Dressed up to Tinder App. So cool.

Purim without Alcohol? no way!

And more alcohol... 

The Main stage.

Nice hair girl...:) 

And how can you drink without some food... Druze Pita with Labneh Cheese and Satureja

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