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Pronto Restaurant, Tel Aviv

Pronto restaurant, located on Nachmani street  in Tel Aviv  was established, about 15 years  ago by Rafi Adar,  a film maker who lived in Italy  for many years.Rafi decided to build an Italian island in the middle  of  Tel Aviv - an authentic Italian restaurant modelled  after the most famous restaurants in Italy.  Rafi Adar, graduate of film school in Rome, returned to  Israel  in the 70 ' and became involved in  the Israeli film and music industry of those days. and participated in writing,producing and directing some of the most popular movies of that era. During all those creative years,  Rafi has always  dreamt of opening  an Italian restaurant, and finally,in 1988, he made his dream come true. Throughout the years of its existance, Pronto has  turned into  a firm establishment in the restaurant business  and has become  a home for  all those who love Italian culture . 

In 1997 Pronto won the prestigious  restaurant award "Ristorante Italiano",given  to a few  superb Italian  restaurants  from all  around the  world. On June 4th, 1997, this prize was handed  to Rafi Adar by the  Italian  president, Mr. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, in a forma l  ceremony at the  presidencial palace in Rome. A year later Rafi Adar was granted with the title "Cavaliere della Republica Italiana" for his contribution in promoting italian culture outside of Italy

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Pronto Restaurant, Tel Aviv


Antipasto misto - mixed grilled vegetables 34 nis
Bruschetta - toast with tomato, olive oil & garlic 26 nis
Caprese 42 nis
Carpaccio con rughetta e parmigiano 42 nis
Insalata verde - green salad with olive oil 30 nis
Insalata Mista - rughetta, tomato, carrot & peccorino cheese 38 nis
Insalata di rughetta e parmigiano 42 nis
Panzerotti - stuffed with cheese & basil 36 nis
Crostini toscani misti - selection of paste on toasts 38 nis
Arancini con mozzarella - risotto balls with mozzarella cheese in tomato sauce 38 nis
Zuppa del giorno - soup of the day 28-42 nis


Spaghetti alla Napoletana - tomato & basil 42 nis
Pappardelle cozze/Vongole - large pasta with fresh clams & mussels 68 nis
Paglia e Fieno- green & white fettucine with cream, mashrooms & peas 52 nis
Pappardelle al ragu di carne - large pasta with meat sause 58 nis
Ravioli quatro formaggi - cheese ravioli in rose sause 52 nis
Lasagne di carne - meat lasagne, parmigiano & tomatoes 58 nis
Tripoline al tartufo - with truffles, portobelo & champignons mashrooms 78 nis
Penne alla zucchine - green & yellow zucchine with olive oil & parmigiano 58 nis
Penne alla siciliana - tomatoes, eggplants, black olives & olive oil 52 nis
Gnocchi al gorgonzola - with gorgonzola cheese (mon.&thr.only) 50 nis
Spaghetti ai frutti di mare - seafood in olive oil garlic & tomato 74 nis


Polenta al pomodoro - with tomatoes & parmigiano cheese
42 nis
Polenta con gorgonzola - with gorgonzola cheese & fresh oregano
48 nis
Polenta coi funghi - with portobello mashrooms, rozmarine & olive oil
52 nis


Risotto alla marinara - with shrimps & calamari, tomato & white wine 78 nis
Risotto coi funghi porcini - porcini mashrooms & parmigiano cheese 68 nis
Risotto alla milanese - saffron, peas, shallots & parmigiano cheese 62 nis
Risotto dello scheff  

Carne / meat

Pollo ruspante alle "cento erbe" - marinated chicken in olive oil & herbs 62 nis
Scaloppina marsala / Milanese / Picata al limone 82 nis
Scaloppina saltinbocca - filled with mashroom, bacon, mozarella cheese & herbs 92 nis
Casseruola d'agnello - baby lamb chops' casserol (per two) 190 nis
Ossobucco - served on risotto with mashrooms 110 nis
Lombata di vitello - grilled sirloin with herbs butter 88 nis

Pesce / fish

Salmone fresco sulla griglia  - served with red & green pesto sauce 74 nis
Filetto d'orata al "acqua pazza" -   sea-bream with  capers, tomato  & white wine 78 nis
Pesce dal mare aperto  - meditarranean sea fish 75 /110 nis
Casseruola di pesce e frutti di mare - seafood & fish casserol (per two)
190 nis
Saute di vongole / cozze fresche - fresh clams sauted with olive oil & garlic
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Restaurant Details

From $ 40 .00 usd
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Location: 4 Hertzel street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-5660915
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 12:30pm - 1am.
Friday - Saturday: 12:30pm - 2am.
Business Menu
No data
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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