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Pedro Restaurant, Eilat

Pedro Eilat is a magical venue offering a large variety of meat, fish and seafood of the highest quality. Its superb menu is what makes Pedro one of the top one hundred restaurants in Israel according to the “Israel Restaurant guide” Pedro’s magnificent menu invites you to some splendid starter dishes such as: mushrooms stuffed with Roquefort cheese, Goose liver trio, Mussels, Pedro Kababs etc. Pedro’s main courses consist of: Fine Hamburgers, Grilled Sinta pieces, Roast beef, Chateau Briand, Ostrich Fillet in red wine sauce, Denis Fillet and many many more. So if you in the look out for a restaurant in Eilat, Pedro are highly recommended for a delicious meal.

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Pedro Restaurant, Eilat


Blue cheese salad  - NIS 38
Lettuce, Rocket, Cherry tomato, Blue cheese

Pedro salad - NIS 38
Tomato, Lettuce, Bean sprouts, Red onion, Mozarella cheese, Herbs, Olive oil & Lemon 

Green salad - NIS 33
Lettuce, Rocket, Green apple, Basil & Vinaigrette sauce 

Ceasar salad - NIS 46
Lettuce, crotons, Chicken breast slices in Ceasar sauce and Parmagane cheese 

The Salad - NIS 42
Lettuce, Bean sprouts, Cherry tomato, Hot mushrooms in Vinaigrette sauce & wall nuts 

Vegetable salad - NIS 34
Season vegetables, Olive oil and Green Tahini sauce 

Crispy Calamari - NIS 48 
Fried Crispy Calamari, Served on tomato, hot pepper, garlic, Lemon and cream 

Pickled sirloin - NIS 48
Pickled Sirloin slices, Balsam vinegar, Olive oil 

Carpaccio - NIS 48
Raw Fillet with Parmagane cheese, olive oil, Balsam vinegar & rocket

Roquefort mushrooms - NIS 42
Mushrooms filled with Roquefort cheese 

Cookie san jack - NIS 66
With Artichoke hearts, grilled tomato, mushrooms, Basil, Olive oil, herbs and cream

Goose liver terrine - NIS 55
Served with onion sauce and toasted bread 

Fried Goose liver - NIS 58
Roasted in Grenadine sauce 

House bread with dips - NIS 14

Main Course

Pedro Steak - NIS 95
Sirloin in a thin layer of fat, real juicy (300gm)

Rib eye steak (Entrecote - NIS 105
A juicy steak marbled with fat

Fillet steak - NIS 115
Low fat 250gr fillet, very soft

Chateaubriand - NIS 228
500gm fillet in cream, mustard, black pepper and cognac sauce –

Ostrich Fillet - NIS 95
Fine & tender, low cholesterol, recommended without sauce

Lamb Kebab - NIS 78
On roasted eggplant with yogurt, pickled lemon and chopped pistachio sauce, served with rice

Pedro Burger - NIS 78
2 hamburgers with Parmagane cheese, mushrooms, fried onions in a bun

Shrimps a la Olio - NIS 85
Olive oil, garlic, eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and basil, served with gnocchi

Sea Bream - NIS 95
Baked in a stone oven in a herb marinade

Sea Bream Fillet - NIS 95
In garlic, butter, sage and white wine sauce, served with a vegetable frittata

Chicken Steak - NIS 69
in the House Marinade

Pasta Pappardelle - NIS 78
with seafood / Beef and cream dressing

Extra cream sauce - NIS 8

Children's Menu

Pasta Penne - NIS 38
Tomato sauce/cream & mushroom sauce/Rose

Chicken Snitzel /Hamburger - NIS 38
With potatoes/rice/vegetables
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Restaurant Details

From $ 35 .00 usd
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Location: 14 Yaelim street, Eilat
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Phone: 972-(0)8-6379504
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Monday - Saturday: 6pm - 11pm.
Business Menu
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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