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Olive and Fish Restaurant, Jerusalem

Olive & Fish, a kosher meat restaurant located opposite the Inbal Hotel and a short walk from many of the city's major hotels, specializes in grilled fish and meat. With a wide variety of choices on both the regular menu, business lunch and daily specials, this kitchen prepares high quality, well- presented food based on international and Mediterranean cuisine.

 Professional and courteous service in an exceptionally pleasant setting will make your dinner a memorable success, be it an intimate dinner on the lovely terrace or for groups of up to 60 in our private room.

  • Kosher
  • Car Parking
  • Private Room
  • WI - FI
  • Outdoor Area
  • Handicaps
  • Events

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Olive and Fish Restaurant, Jerusalem


Asparagus - NIS 46 
With white wine, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil 

Mushroom mix - NIS 48  
Portobello and champignon mushrooms in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine, cherry tomatoes 
and garlic 

Seared tuna - NIS 55 
Served on a bed of arugula with Asian dressing 

Grilled Aubergine - NIS 38
Served with tahini and tomato salsa 

Spinach / Sweet Potato - NIS 42
RavioliWith a tomato, basil and garlic sauce 

Beef Ravioli - NIS 48 
With tomato and basil sauce 

Sirloin Salad - NIS 60 
Sirloin strips on a bed of arugula, pomegranate seeds with a date & pomegranate dressing 

Wings - NIS 46 
With a sweet chilli / teriyaki sauce

Mini schnitzels - NIS 48 
Crunchy coated chicken breast, with honey mustard sauce 

Moussaka - NIS 48 
Layers of aubergines, tomatoes and ground beef with a tomato sauce 


served with bread

Health - NIS 46 
Baby leaves, lettuce, peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, sprouts, croutons and walnuts – with a vinaigrette dressing 

Israeli - NIS 38 
Finely diced vegetables with olive oil and lemon juice 

Warm Salmon - NIS 66 
Grilled salmon, baby leaves, and pineapple, with a Thai dressing(slightly spicy) 

Warm Mushrooms - NIS 58 
Warm sautéed champignon mushrooms with balsamic vinegar, honey,garlic and thyme, on a bed of vegetables, lettuce, baby leaves with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing 

Warm Chicken - NIS 64 
Grilled chicken chunks with teriyaki sauce, on vegetables, lettuce and baby leaves – vinaigrette dressing 

Main Courses

Served with one side-dish – choose from: chips / 
rosemary potatoes / mashed potatoes / rice / 
cooked vegetable / small salad. 

Each extra side – NIS 12


Tilapia fillet - NIS 86 
Grilled, with a herb sauce 

Tilapia fillet - NIS 88 
On pasta, with artichoke bottoms, sundried tomatoes, white wine and lemon 

Sea Bass fillet - NIS 98 
With Swiss chard, whole chickpeas, and pickled lemon 

Sea Bream fillet - NIS 98 
On a bed of spinach, garlic and red-pepper confit

Salmon fillet - NIS 90 
With caper and oregano sauce

Salmon fillet - NIS 88 
With honey and mustard sauce

Whole tilapia - NIS 88 
Deep-fried, served with lemon and salsa on the side 

Whole Sea Bream - NIS 98 
Grilled, served with lemon and herb sauce 

Whole Trout - NIS 98 
Grilled and served with a herb sauce

* Since we only use fresh fish, a certain fish may be unavailable


Chicken Breast - NIS 78 
Grilled and served with teriyaki / chimichurri sauce 

Chicken Breast - NIS 86 
with Mango With coconut milk, soy, coriander, chilli sauce, ginger and green onions

Chicken Breast - NIS 86 
with Mushrooms With coconut milk, onion, and nutmeg

Grilled Chicken - NIS 88 
With date syrup and dates / With Middle Eastern seasoning 

Chicken Livers - NIS 84 
With pears and port wine 

Goose-leg Confit - NIS 92 
With fennel, oranges, white wine and herbs, or: with dried fruit, honey, white wine (depending on the season)


Kebabs - NIS 78 
Ground beef and lamb kebabs, on a green-lentil salad with tahini

Entrecote hamburger - NIS 88 
On a roll, with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and mayonnaise

Entrecote - NIS 110 

With chimichurri sauce / On arugula with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil 

Sirloin - NIS 90 
With honey and smoked whisky sauce

Medallions of beef fillet - NIS120 
With a red wine and wild-berry sauce 


Fruit Sorbet - NIS 28 
Three flavors 

Fondant - NIS 28 
Hot chocolate soufflé with a wild berry sauce 

Pecan Pie - NIS 28 

Apple Pie - NIS 28 

Chocolate Mousse Cake - NIS 28
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Restaurant Details

From $ 35 .00 usd
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Location: 2 Jabotinsky street, Jerusalem
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Phone: 972-(0)25665020
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 12pm - 11:30pm.
Saturday - around 8pm - Untill the last customer,
Business Menu
No data
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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