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Ohavei Zion Synagogue, Jerusalem

The "Ohavei Zion" synagogue was founded in 1906 in Neve Shalom neighborhood in Jerusalem. It was established by the Ohavei zion foundation (zion lovers) which was constructed originally by the Persian sector. Many of this Persian immigrants came to Jerusalem without nothing and found it very difficult to fit in to the Spanish community of the region, they based themselves in "Shabat Tzedek", Neve Shalom and Shabat ahim and founded their own synagogues and education system. In their synagogues it is costumed to read the Torah in the Jerusalem version. The synagogue was combined with Talmud (oral torah) in order to instill educational foundations for the younger generations of the sector.

The synagogue was built in three stages:
  • In thefirst stage only half of the existing structure was built and was used for studying Talmud Torah during the day, and was a place of prayer during dawns and evenings.
  • The second stage which occurred in the 1920's they built another section used for the teaching of Talmud that was adjacent to the synagogue.
  • In the third stage the synagogue was expanded to what it is today. The synagogue was decorated with many works of art among them a collection of stained glass made by the hands of the artist Joseph Shaltiel and a bimah that is an exact replica of the bimah in the center synagogue of Shiraz. The synagogue is visited by tourists and locals who wish to feel the diverse fabric of the city of Jerusalem.

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Location: Neve Shalom, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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