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Night Clubs Table Reservation - What is it?

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This is a unique service for Yourway customers only. As part of our local connections with many businesses in Israel, we are able to supply it. 

How it works? 

We reserve for you and your friends a private table (in a private zone) in the club. In order to make your life even easier, a waitress will supply all your needs in the club, and save your time waiting in-line buying drinks - and the best part of it - it's totally free!!!

As you probably know, the clubs in Tel Aviv are very busy, and it could be really hard to get in without any reservation (or contacts). So if you want to save your time, waiting outside, we can definitely make you life easier...

All you need to do is just fill out the contact form with all the requires details, and one of our team members will contact you immediately.
Do you still not sure about this service? Don't worry you can contact us with any question at any time via.

The Yourway Team
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