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Nave Midbar Beach Dead Sea

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The Nave Midbar beach , is a bathing beach that offers natural mud, a restaurant, a cosmetics shop, green pastures for camping , Bedouin hospitality, and an event compound , birth day parties and shows.
At the beach you can find: 
locker rooms, showers, rest rooms, lawns, picnic tables, toddler pool (weekends only), an abundance of beach chairs, beach showers, and a lot of natural mud in the sea. A 24 hours a day open buffet.

Restuarnat: a wooden structure and glass windows, air conditioned and a spectacular terrace with a view of the sea. The place can accommodate 150 people. The menu offers authentic home cooked food, with possible waiting services or open buffet. Lunch, dinner and midnight meals are served .there is a possibly of Bedouin hospitality of up to 50 people per group.  

Lodging: terrain lodging in private tents or at the huts that are scattered throughout the beach, in addition you may rent a "husah" Sinai style .there are night guarding service.

Cosmetics shop: the cosmetics shop "Sea Of Life" that factory store of the Dead Sea cosmetics, in a closed air conditioned structure.

Opening hours: the beach is open 24 hours a day. The restaurant is open between 08:30 and till 19:00 except various special occasions.
*BBQs and bringing in glass bottles and kitchen ware is not allowed- for the convenience of the customers there is a large public BBQ at the beach.
The beach is located about 35 minute drive from Jerusalem, 10 minute drive from Almog junction. A drive from Jerusalem towards Maale Adumim on road number 1, via Misor Adumim junction, Kfar Adumim, Almog junction and up till the coast of the Dead Sea. From there 5 minute drive on road 90 south, turn left towards Nave Midbar beach on the first junction.

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