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Muscat Restaurant, Rosh Pina

Muscat Restaurant which belongs to the hotel Mizpe Hayamim, is the best restaurant in the northern region of Israel. Chaim Tibi’s Carte du Jour, built around the produce of the organic farm of the hotel, serves a meat gourmet menu. 

The restaurant’s menu is both interesting and sophisticated and the quality of the products is felt at every stage of the eating experience; from the vegetables to the meat through the fine cheeses. In addition the restaurant is located above Rosh Pina which allows a panoramic view to the mountains of Safed, which combined with a romantic and elegant atmosphere, makes the dining experience unforgettable.     

  • Romantic
  • WI - FI
  • Outdoor Area
  • Events

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Muscat Restaurant, Rosh Pina

Opening Courses

Homemade Focaccia - NIS 28
With organic Olive Oil Crushed Tomatoes and balsamic vinegar

Beetroot Ravioli - NIS 37
Filled with goat cheese & hazel nuts oil

"Armenian sirloin" - NIS 45
Sirloin strap served with focaccia crotons pickled pear and mustard seeds vinegar

Mediterranean Crab meat - NIS 39
Blue crab meat with bisque sauce & Aragan oil served on a corn cream

Grilled Veal tongue - NIS 35
Served on a hot salad of spinach garden and garlic with caramel beetroot sauce

Pickled salmon -  NIS 37
With tartar of vegetables & salmon caviar

Free-range Duck liver waffles - NIS 37
Honey roll filed with duck liver

Soup - NIS 29
Made from organic garden vegetables


Organic crispy duck salad- NIS 47
With grilled eggplant, roosted pumpkin, citrus, shallots confit, with sweet and sour citrus sauce

Grilled Veal Sweetbreads - NIS 52
With organic green hot chard &chick -peas salad

Homemade "Sausage - NIS 47
With Dijon mustard and honey

Marinade Mushrooms - NIS 45
Four types of grilled mushrooms with goose and herbs sauce

Organic Eggplant with poached egg - NIS 45
Served with sour cream tomato juice and pine nut oil

Homemade Gnocchi with organic goat cheese - NIS 47
Served on a roots vegetables cream tomato confit &chestnut

Duck liver Tortellini - NIS 47
Filled with duck liver and vegetables on a Jerusalem artichoke cream

From the fruits garden served between the appetizers & the main course

Main course

Organic young goat - NIS 135
On the grill or in the oven with Black lentils & green wheat Rago

Galilean Veal Filet - NIS 139
On the grille with Shallots and port wine Sauce

Bistecca con l'oss Galilean Veal stake - NIS 145
Veal T-bone stake served with Potato Gratane & Brandy and Pepper Sauce

Organic Lamb - NIS 135
On the grill or in the oven with fennel Confit & Lamb Sauce

Filet of salt-water fish - NIS 135
Served on a cauliflower Cream and organic vegetables with fish bisque

Organic free range chicken - NIS 95
With Ethnic Spices and porthini sauce

Organic Duck - NIS 125
With pomegranate caramel Sauce five Passion Spices and organic vegetables

Home made Canaanite Calzones -NIS 85
Field with traditional goat cheese & sage butter

All main courses served with organic salad

Dessert menu

Chocolate Mousse - NIS 37
With Walnut and vanilla Sauce

Semifredo halva - NIS 35
Nougat & crunch cookie

Cream Brule- NIS 45
With honey basket& fruits

Kadeaf - NIS 42
With pears and goat cheese in vanilla oil

Baked cream cheese- NIS 42
With white meringue and sour cream

Apple Tart Tatin - NIS 35
With rum vanilla & raspberry sauce

Cannoli - NIS 42
Filled with sheep cream cheese and basil collie

"Magholl" dates35
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Restaurant Details

From $ 60 .00 usd
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Location: Mizpe Yamim Hotel, Rosh Pina
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Phone: 972-(0)4-6994523
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Saturday: 1:30pm - 12am
Business Menu
Sunday - Thursday: 1:30pm - 5pm
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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