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Mount of Olive, Jerusalem

The Mount of Olives is located east of the ancient Jerusalem city. Its names originate of the olive vineyards which once covered it. The Mount of Olives Is sacred to Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and many traditions are attached to it. The Mount of Olives is part of the ridge which surrounds Jerusalem from the east along 3.5 kilometers, and it is 815 meters high. The mounts proximity to Jerusalem, and its rocky ground made Judaism choose this mount as a burial site during the first Temple.

The ancient cemetery on the mount is the national Jewish pantheon, where not only rabbis were buried but also many scholars, authors and public figures. The Mount of Olives is detailed in Christian tradition as the place where Jesus wept on the destruction of Jerusalem, and by Islamic traction, where the scales of justice would stand and weigh the good vs. bad deeds of the mankind. Eyes of those who stand on the Mount of Olives would sway towards the temple mount on the corner of the ancient city, on the nearest side of the observation, where the dome of the rock and El Aksaa dome stand.

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Location: Al Mansuriya Street, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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