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Mount Carmel National Park, Haifa

The mountain that's green all year round
By  Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

Mount Carmel, with its wild cliffs and green landscapes became a symbol of beauty for good reason. Its special characteristics also made it a part of religious tradition. It was here that Elijah performed one of his best-known miracles - bringing down fire from heaven. Jews, Druze, Muslims and Christians sanctified its sites, and the Carmelite order of Catholic monks bears its name. The mountain features forest and woodland species of trees, as well as shrubs, numerous flowers and a variety of wildlife, along with wonderful panoramas and archaeological sites going back to the dawn of humanity.

The park covers 84,000 dunams (21,000 acres), one third of which are nature reserves. The national park is entirely dedicated to the protection of Mediterranean nature and landscape. It can be accessed from four directions: from 'Atlit in the west, Moshav Elyakim in the south, Haifa in the north, or Nesher in the northeast. While working to protect the park's natural assets, dozens of rest areas have been created, featuring faucets and toilets with running water. Scenic roads and hiking trails have also been created, along with major efforts to upgrade handicapped accessibility.

How to get there?
 From the old Tel Aviv-Haifa road (no 4), east via Oren junction, from the Furedis-Yokne'am road (no. 70), west via the Elyakim interchange; from the town of Nesher toward the  University of Haifa.   

Please enjoy and help us protect the park and the mountain.


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Location: Mount Carmel, Haifa
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Phone: +972-(0)4-8228983
Payment: Cash
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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