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Masada: The Tale of Jewish Heroism

Masada, an ancient Jewish fort seating on top of a square shaped mountain in the Dead Sea area, is known as a place where Jewish warriors fought Romans soldiers until the bitter end; rather than surrender and convert, the people of Masada chose instead to take their own lives and remain faithful to their God. Today Masada is a popular touring site in which visitors can climb the tall and beautiful mountain, see the archeological remains from the great battle and hear the story of bravery against all odds. If you are interested in a unique and exciting one day Israel tour, let us tell you about some of the things you're likely to see when visiting Masada.
, Written by Yourway Team
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The Epic Mountain
If you were to come by Masada during the sunrise, you might be surprised by the amount of praying people you will see. Masada is not just a mountain; it is a monument of great spiritual importance. While there are means of transportations to the top of the mountain, many tours prefer to take the longer way and make the challenging climb to build Masada as a spiritual journey which makes it absolutely unique.


What to see: during the evening, am impressive multimedia light show takes place on the Masada site and retells the story of the battle for Masada.
Where to eat: Taj Mahal resturant, located in Ein Bokek, is a great eastern food place with cheerful atmosphere and unique dishes. Located at Leonardo Inn Hotel in Ein Bokek.
Where to stay: Harrods Dead Sea hotel is close to both Masada and the dead sea. The hotel is known for its spectacular design and great service, and is completely Kosher. 



The Dead Sea: The Earth's Lowest Point is also its Most Relaxing
The Dead Sea is a beautiful and unique place. Considered the lowest point on earth's surface, the Dead Sea is filled with helpful minerals, great views and great weather. Because of its proximity to Masada, nearly every day tour of the ancient city is supplemented by a visit. If you like combining exciting travel with relaxation, make sure to get a tour of Masada that includes the Dead Sea.


What to see: the best thing to do is go on a hike. Get yourself a guide and go hit the mountains!
What to eat: Auvers, a restaurant located in Ein Gedi kibbutz, stands in front of an impressive and ancient baobab tree and serves some of the best food in the area. The restaurant is located in the Ein Gedi Hotel. 
Where to stay: David Dead Sea Spa Resort is a professional hotel which had become a favorite for many Israelis because of its great service and short distance from the dead sea. 



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