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Morro Beach Club, Herzliya

The Morro Beach Club has opened in the summer of 2010 and has been a hit ever since it opened. Its prime location on the Hertzlia Beachfront is what makes the Morro such an exquisit venue. A sleek design with large open bars overlooking the Sharon Beach. The Morro playes mostly mainstream music and attracs the area's crowd who come to enjoy the dancing music with good alcohol and the lovely summer breeze.

The Morro fils up almost on every night of the week so be advised, arrive early to avoid standing in queues. There is usually no entrance fee and alcohol prices are approx. 25 NIS for beer and up to 50 NIS for an alcoholic beverage. 


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Address: Hasharon Beach Hertzliya Beachfront, Herzliya
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Phone: +972-(0)54-7667456
Payment: Cash and Credit
Age: 25+
Activity Hours
5pm - 6am
For further information regarding this bar/club don't hesitate to contact us with any question.
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