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Mar Saba Monastery, Judean Desert

Mar Saba is a Greek orthodox monastery, and is one of the most ancient monasteries in the world. The monastery islocated on the banks of the river Kidron on north Judea desert. The monastery is 1500 years old and is named after themonk Sabas, one of the most important monks who practiced in Israel. 

Sabas established many monasteries during his lifetime, although the monastery which is named after him is thelargest and most famous. Following the Persian invasion to Israel on 614 BC, the MarSaba monastery was criticallydamaged, and quickly renovated on 624 AD, during the Byzantine ruling in Israel. 

During crusader times a wall was built around MarSaba monastery and a watch tower to protect the monastery fromlooting and Bedouin tribes. Nowadays, MarSaba monastery is an active monastery, holding 20 monks. The monastery isnot connected to any water or power supply and the monks who live there live in the customary lifestyle of ancienttimes.

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Location: Kidron Valley, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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