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Kisuski Water Sports, Eilat

Kioski beach is always at your service!!! 20 years of water sport experience here at our beach, here you may enjoy all of our water sport gear our motor boat, peddle boat, jet ski, Tubing, double banana, Sea parachute, scuba diving, kite surfing and amazing meals by our chef. It is also possible to reserve closed events for bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and beach parties.

The beach is located between meridian hotel and the mall opposite the sea; at the beach there are sunbathing chairs and beds, a beach volleyball court, a restroom, a high-class beach shower and locker room.

A cafeteria that offers soft drinks, alcohol, food, ice-cream and more … a safe dock that includes a disabled access to the boats, a sun bathing raft and a sea with a warm magical and unique atmosphere.

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From $ 15 .00 usd
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Location: Red Rock Beach, Eilat
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Phone: +972-(0)8-6372088
Payment: Cash & Credit card
Age: 2+
Seasons: Year-round
Activity Hours
Daily: 9 AM - 6 PM
For full prices list, please call directly to the attraction site.
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