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Israel Day Tours (found 25 tours)

The Israel Day Tours are open to all members of the public. A one-day tour is a regular tour that is given several times a week. You can choose between large groups (up to 45 people) or small groups (up to 19 people). Each day tour conducted in English, Spanish, Russian, French and German. We pickup our travelers from hotels in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Herzliya and Netanya.
  • Jericho Half Day Tour

    Day Tours Day Tours
    Setting out towards the Judean Desert we make a stop at the Inn of the Good Samaritan, the setting for Christ's tale of the beaten and robbed man left on the side of th... Read more
    English Show on map    5 Hours (approx.)
    View Details
    From $ 91 .00 usd
    Per Person
  • Tel Aviv - Jaffa Tour

    Day Tours Day Tours
    Tel Aviv is considered to be the centermost city in Israel and is the economic center of the country. As befits a major city, there are dozens of sites which are define... Read more
    English Show on map    8 hours
    View Details
    From $ 89 .00 usd
    Per Person
  • Desert Safari Jeep Tour

    Day Tours Day Tours
    If you love the desert or you simply are looking for a unique experience, a little different from all the other tours, there is no doubt that this tour will interest yo... Read more
    English Show on map    10 Hours (approx.)
    View Details
    From $ 148 .00 usd
    Per Person
  • A Heritage Tour in Israel

    Day Tours Day Tours
    The Israeli heritage trip is a trip that passes between museums and heritage sites related to the state of Israel since its inception (1948), and is a great trip for th... Read more
    English Show on map    8 hours
    View Details
    From $ 102 .00 usd
    Per Person
  • Massada, Ein Gedi & View of Qumran Tour

    Day Tours Day Tours
    Walk (without a guide) through the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, along the signed mountain path. In the reserve you’ll witness several beautiful, breathtaking waterfal... Read more
    English Show on map    10 Hours (approx.)
    View Details
    From $ 112 .00 usd
    Per Person

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