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Hertzliya Pituah

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The western side of the city of Hertzliya is generally called, Hertzliya Pituah (industrial area). Its main streets are: Ha'Nasi, Wingate, Ramat-Yam and Medinat Ha Yehudim. This area is considered to be one of Israel's most luxurious Villa housing spots. Galey Thelet Street, whose western side is located on the cliff overlooking the ocean, holds Israel's most expensive reality. This is also home to the US ambassador, and was once home to such renowned tenants as Haim Hertzog and foreign minister Abba Iban.

The stretch of beach here also hold several of hertzliya's hotels such as, Ha Sharon, Daniel and Tadmor hotel which is located a few minutes from the beach.On the southern tip of Hertzliya is the rather new Hertzliya marina. The industrial area is located on the south-eastern side of Hertzliya Pituah, with plants and many high-tech buildings. Saitex- one of Israel's pioneer high-tech companies, was the first to establish its plants here and many others where soon to follow. Nowadays many multinational companies set their office buildings here.

This area is considered to be one of Israel's most advanced industrial areas, with many restaurants, night clubs, bars and coffee shops which remain open late into the night and attract visitors from all over Israel. 

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