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Helena Restaurant, Caesarea

The Helena restaurant is situated in one of the most beautiful and preserved sites in Israel, the ancient port of Caesarea. The majestic complex and extraordinary view make a unique atmosphere and all this before you've even taken a glimpse of the menu. The master minds behind Helena are the talented chef Amos Sion and partner Amos Yirmias. 

Sion creates an exciting and up to date Mediterranean kitchen using local fresh raw material with exceptional spices and tastes.The rich menu along side the classic design and breathtaking view make for Helena's exceptional coronary experience you will definitely not forget.

  • Car Parking
  • Romantic
  • Private Room
  • WI - FI
  • Outdoor Area
  • Handicaps
  • Events
  • Smoking Area

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Helena Restaurant, Caesarea

First Course

Spit Roasted Ocean Fish - NIS 48
on tehina (sesame spread) with radishes, Thassos olives & pine nuts
Norwegian Salmon Carpaccio - NIS 42
with piquant papaya salad, cilantro, peanuts & wasabi aioli
Fresh Calamari a la Plancha - NIS 44
with lemon & hyssop leaves,on sheep milk yogurt with arugula Yemenite hot sauce
Sliced Cured Sirloin in aged balsamic sauce - NIS 46
served with Cambozola cheese & pistachio slivers
Bruschetta - NIS 48
with Butcher's Cut Choice Beef, eggplant cream, small Italian broad been salad
Green Salad - NIS 42
with figs, blue cheese & almonds, with raspberry nut vinaigrette
Ocean Finger Fish - crispy fried - NIS 40
served on eggplant salad with seared tomatoes
Fillet of Eggplant - NIS 38
with pure tehina (sesame spread) & warm onion confiture
Beetroot Ravioli & Sainte Maure cheese - NIS 42
with sheep milk yogurt , pistachio & truffle oil
"Tamar" Salad - NIS 38
date tomatoes & red onions, Thassos olives, cilantro leaves, feta cheese & Yemenite nuts & seed topping
Smoked Mackerel - NIS 36
on potato salad
Fish & Seafood Soup - NIS 52
Bouillabaisse style 


Our House Bread - NIS 16
served with virgin olive oil, pomegranate syrup & Atlantic salt
Pizza - NIS 54
Bacon, mushrooms, aged parmesan & arugula 
‏‏zucchini -  NIS 54
gourmet sheep cheese from Safed, Thassos olives & parsley

Main Courses

Fish & Chips- NIS 68
with saffron aioli
siniya - NIS 76
with red mullet, spinach & Swiss chard, with warm tehina (sesame spread) & pine nuts
Salmon Fillet - NIS 82
on green wheat risotto with hyssop butter sauce
Barramundi Fillet - NIS 115
on fresh pasta with fish consommé sauce, asparagus, spinach & Sainte Maure cheese
Grilled Sea Bream - NIS 98
with potato puree au gratin, served with arugula Yemenite hot sauce
Shrimps - NIS 86
in pickled lemon with parsley butter & okra
Crispy Calamari Rings - NIS 68
with chipotle aioli
Shrimp & Scallops - NIS 92
in ouzo with date tomatoes, garlic & Brynza cheese
Black Mussel Casserole - NIS 88
in coconut milk, Thai curry, bok choy leaves, peanuts & cilantro (spicy)
Spring Chicken - NIS 68
in date syrup (silan) & rosemary on pasta drops, served with buttery mustard sauce & onion rings
Aged Entrecote - 300 gr - NIS 115
served with potatoes in truffle oil & chimichurri sauce
Beef Fillet - NIS115
with porcini cream gravy & mustard puree
Moroccan Merguez Sausage - NIS 62
on a bed of chickpea stew with tehina (sesame spread) & parsley salad


Cheesecake - NIS 39
with figs conserves
Snickers Hellena - NIS 39
rich chocolate treat
Mediterranean Almond Custard - Malabi - NIS 34
with berry sauce and nut roll
Homemade Tehina (sesame paste) & Date Syrup (silan) Ice-Cream - NIS 36
on French pastry with halva threads
(Ice Cream & Sorbet (3 scoops - NIS 32
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Restaurant Details

From $ 40 .00 usd
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Location: Caesarea Port, Caesarea
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Phone: 972-(0)4-6101018
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Saturday: 12pm - 11pm
Business Menu
No data
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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