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Ha'Ari synagogue, Safed

The Ashkenazy Ha'Ari synagogue that lies at the heart of the ancient city of safed is named after the Haary, Rabbi Yitzchak Lorie, which was considered to be one of the greatest practitioners of the "Kabala" in the city of safed during the 16th century. The Ha'Ari was born in Jerusalem in the year 1534. In the year 1570 the Haary arrived in safed an there many people began to learn from him and became his students and they were known as "Gurey Ha'Ari" (the Ha'Ari's cabs).

About two years later in the year 1572 the Haary died at 38 years of age, and he was buried at the old cemetery in safed. According to tradition just after his death his students built a synagogue in the same piece of land. Recently it has believed that the synagogue was actually built 50 years earlier by a group of immigrants from Spain. The entrance to the synagogue, like many of safed's houses, heads west to the Myron Mountains and the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai.

In the year 1837 the synagogue was severely damaged by a massive earthquake that occurred in the city of safed. Only 20 years later the synagogue was reinaugurated. This synagogue is still active till this day, and serves a steady community of prayers, pilgrims and visitors.    

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Location: Ha'Ari street, Galilee & Golan
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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