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Escorted Group Tours FAQ

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  • 1.What are Escorted Group Tours?
  • 2.What do the Escorted Group Tours include?
  • 3.What hotels are included in the packages and is it possible to upgrade them?
  • 4.I found a package I’m interested in but I want to make a change in the schedule. Is that possible?
  • 5.Are there discounts for children?
  • 6.Is there a cancellation fee?
  • 7.I have a question about my booking, who do I contact?
  • 8.Is there anything important I need to bring with me to Israel?
  • 9.My plans changed. Can I change the booking?
  • 10.Do I have to bring the booking forms with me?
  • 11.How long in advance should I book the packages?
  • 12.Does the price include personal travel insurance?
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