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Ein Bokek, The Dead Sea

On the northern shore of the Dead Sea, a walking distance away from the hotels of Ein Bokek and in complete contrast to the barren landscape surrounding it hides a small waterfall pouring in to a crystal clear pool. Ein Bokek is one of the natural springs discovered in result of the Great Rift Valley and is one only one which is open freely for the general public for the time being.

Arriving to the spring requires a small hike, on a trail marked BLACK, from the Ein Bokek hotel area through small pools of spring water. By keeping relatively quiet, some Hyrax may be drawn out. After the small kilometer hike(30 minutes walking moderately) you will arrive to the base of the waterfall and the Ein Bokek pool. The water level in the pool is crystal clear and relatively shallow, around a meter and a half in depth.

Ein Bokek is considered as one of the most traveled to destinations in the area year round, however in winter time flooding of the spring is possible. Ein Bokek is shaded and comfortable, however there are no picnic tables. Devoted hiker would enjoy walking down the Ein Bokek stream a 15 kilometer trail passing amazing scenery which is defiantly worth the effort.( ask ahead).

  • Small hikers tip: along the streams edge, grows wild Orache- a salty perennial plant. It's leaves are edible and taste great with a bit of olive oil or fried as salty chips.
How to get there?
From Jerusalem, approximately one hour and thirty minutes drive time - Take freeway 1 towards east. At Beit Ha Arava junction take a right towards road number 90 on which point it’s a straight drive to the Dead Sea's hotel area. 
From the Dead Sea's hotel area there are signs pointing towards Ein Bokek. Park the car in of the nearby parking areas, and a short walk under the freeway tunnel will take you to the Ein Bokek trail marked in BLACK.

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Location: Road 90, The Dead Sea
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Phone: N/A
Age: All ages
Seasons: Summer, Spring, Fall.
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