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Dugal Beach Sea of Galilee

The Dugal complex is made out of Dugit beach, Golan beach and the Luna gal water park –the north biggest water park. Coasts Dugit and Golan combined create the biggest and most attractive tourist compound around the Kineret
a long strip of coast line, located on the north - east corner of the blue lake in the heart of a natural bay. Canoeing, or fast boat sailing along the coast to the Jordan estuary and the streams of the Beit – Tzcyeda valley, a variety of water sports activities, lodging space for groups in tents, or a family camp out on the green… super market, cafeterias and restaurants.

Services included: water attractions: water ski, banana ski, kayaks, Jet Ski and zodiac boats.
Extreme college: built in terrain simulators. An experience built upon simulation of team work, nature surviving capabilities and finding creative solutions.
Living on the lake-10 beautiful well accessorized wooden cabins ("Tzimerim") on dugit and Golan beaches. 
Catering: outdoor meals, in the garden and at the air conditioned restaurant.
Wide fields of green intended for tents by the water.

private vehicle up to 5 people: 70 NIS per 24 hours
motorcycle: 15 NIS
caravan: 80 NIS
minibus: 175 NIS
bus: 325 NIS 

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Location: Sea of Galilee , Galilee & Golan
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Phone: 046678009
Payment: Cash & Credit card
Age: All ages
Seasons: Summer, Spring.
Activity Hours
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