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Dagei Dafna Fishing Park, Galilee

The fishing park "Dagey Dafna" is located on the banks of "Nahal Dan". The park in surrounded by trees and green pastures. Picnic tables and BBQs, there you can fish and even cook your on fish on the BBQ and have a real family picnic. A fantastic experience for the whole family. 

The camping area of the tourist site “Dagey Dafna”, the Jacuzzi is substituted by the chilly Dan stream (“Nahal Dan”) the AC is substituted by the pleasant breeze which shivers between the trees, dinner at a restaurant may be substituted by the organized BBQ spots, instead of a fancy lobby you get beautiful green pastures. The open air and the atmosphere create a whole different vacation experience.

On location for the convenience of the its visitors: Green pastures, picnic tables and in all this magical beauty flows the refreshing Dan stream (“ Nahal Dan”), Inflatable rides for the kids, Restroom , Showers (hot water), Night-light, Central refrigerator, Open cafeteria open all day until midnight. 

24 hours active hours on site, includes security. For group reservations or singles: 972 -(0)52- 3992070

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Attraction Details

From $ 8 .00 usd
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Location: Near Kibutz Dafna, Galilee & Golan
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Phone: +972-(0)4-6941154
Payment: Cash
Age: All ages
Seasons: Year - round
Activity Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Friday: 9 AM - 4 PM
Saturday:9 AM - 5 PM
For full prices list, please call directly to the attraction site.
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