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Church of St. Anna, Jerusalem

Site period: Crusader period (1099-1260 AD)
The Santa Ana church is an ancient church which was built in the Crusader era (1099-1260) and lies in the holy city in Jerusalem, adjacent to The Lion's Gate. This is where, by tradition, Miriam mother of Jesus was born.

The church is named by Miriam's mother Hanna (Ana)- Yehoyahin's wife – by Christian tradition this is where their house used to stand. The Santa Ana church was founded in the mid 12th century AD, and it is designed in a mix of local architecture and Romanesque architecture.

This church is a wonderful example of crusader architecture in its finest form in the world and also in Israel. The church has been restored by the French architect – Sharl Mos, which also restored the Crusader church in Abu Gosh and the dome of the Holy Sepulcher.    

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Location: The old city, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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