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Church of Gabriel, Nazareth

The Church of Gabriel is a Greek orthodox church also known as the Greek Gospel Church or the Merriam Well Church that lies at the heart of the city of Nazareth. The church is built upon an ancient gushing forth (water) that was actually Nazareth's main source of water at its beginning in the bronze period (3300-1200 BC).

According to one of the Christian traditions, adjacent the spring Gabriel the angel told Miriam about the birth of Jesus and so the gushing forth got the name the Merriam spring or the Merriam well, and since then in the crusaders period (1099-1260 AC) it was made holy, first a church was founded on the secrete gushing forth, and was destroyed by the Mamlocian Sultan Baybars.

In the year 1750 with the permission of the ruler of the Galil region Dahar El Omar the Greek orthodox built a new church upon the remains of the old crusaders church that was named "the gospel church ". This church that is the most holy of all churches to the Greek orthodox community in the city of Nazareth still stands till this day. 

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Location: Near Mary's Well, Galilee & Golan
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year-round
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