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Church Mary of Magdalene, Jerusalem

Site period: Ottoman period (1516-1917 AD)
The Church of Mary Magdalene is a Russian-Orthodox church which stands out from the scenery from miles away; due to its glorious seven golden domes shaped like onions (this is why some refer it to be the Onion church). The Church of Mary Magdalene's architectural design is similar toalmost all of the Russian churches (and is particularly similar to the churches in the Kremlin compound). The church of Mary Magdalene is a very unique site to see in the beautiful views of Israel.

The churches name of "Mary" is named after Miriam from the town Migdal which lies in the Galilee and from there comes the name "Magdalene", this Miriam accompanied Jesus in his last voyage. The Church of Mary Magdalene was founded in 1886 by the Russian czar Alexander the 3rd, inmemory of his loving mother Maria Alexandrova. Alexander built this church in order to increase Russian influence in the holy land in general and in Jerusalem in particular, an area which was all under the Ottoman Empire.

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Location: Mount Olives, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
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Age: All ages
Seasons: Year - round
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