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Biankini Beach Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea shore of Biankini beach, or also known as Siesta, there is a wooden stair case. Underneath it there is the salty water and the wooden deck that was built upon them. The actual beach itself, which comes down to a tiny beach strip with almost no sand at all, is not the main attraction on location. The real fun is sitting on the shaded green pastures that have a view of the sea, under the condition that it is not loaded with families surrounded by picnic coolers and vacationer's tents that just spend the night there. It is fun to chill out at the sitting spot near the entrance, which resembles the coasts of Sinai. Where the entrance is, the Moroccan restaurant is also located; it is designed appropriately including genuine Moroccan furniture.
The place offers restrooms and showers, a pool table, a petting zoo and a toddler pool that fills in during the bathing season. The well nurtured beach, that is open 24 hours a day, constitutes a suitable and not cheap solution for various types of visitors that are interested in staying at the Dead Sea. During the Dead Sea love festival, the place is especially joeys and noisy when hosting parties and surprises.In addition, the place issues ATV tours to Nahal Oz in the Yehuda desert all year round.

Entrance fee: Adult 40 NIS, Child 35 NIS.  Address: near kaliya  Telephone: +972-2-9400033,+972-2-9400266 +972-57-6663180  Fax: +972-2-9947303 What is on location: Restaurant, Bar, Restrooms, Life Guard.  

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