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Arena Mall - Marina Herzliya

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Alongside the Herzliya marina, on the shoreline, stands on of Israel's most luxurious shopping malls, which provides a cultural, shopping and entertainment experience which is second to none. The tens of thousands of visitors are met with a wide range of stores, restaurants, coffee shops and unique kid's playhouses. The malls visitors are offered several underground floors of free parking and several public transportation lines. Arena Mall design, as a shopping and entertainment center, is inspired by the streets and squares of Italian Mediterranean cities.

The Malls designers didn’t overlook the fact that it is a part of the scenic view of the marina which overlooks the sea, thus building it with glass walls, which complete its experience by allowing its visitors to enjoy the romantic tranquil view of the many extravagant sailboats which dock outside. Alongside this background, many shops were carefully designed to offer the finest brand names in fashion, jewelry and accessories which go alongside the market stores, pharmacies and other home stores to complete everything a shopper needs.

As an inspirable part, the malls visitor may also enjoy one of the many various coffee shops, restaurants, food courts, and some of Israel's leading pubs which are all located a mere several feet from the Mediterranean

Hours of operation :
Sun-Thu: 10:00-22:00
Friday: 09:00-16:00
Saturday: 11:00-23:00
Most businesses operate on Saturday as well.

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