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Angelica Restaurant, Jerusalem

“Angelica fine grill” is a new impressive restaurant in Jerusalem. The place is run by two chefs - Marcus Gersovitz and Erez Margi. Gersovitz is the former chef and manager of “Canela” and was also working in other leading restaurants, such as “Rafael” and “Arcadia”. Margi’s resume also includes “Canela” as well as “Rafael”, along with American mythological restaurants like “Bid” in Manhattan, “Boulevard” and “Tabla” owned by Chef Floyd Kerduz”. Thanks to their vast experience and proven skills, “Angelica” has a fine and accurate kosher menu, based on local ingredients and suitable for all seasons of the year.

The outcome- Each dish is a masterpiece of unique tastes and odors. Among other dishes, you will enjoy Tomato and almond Gazpacho and granite of arugula and olive oil; Goose leg confit with apples and water chestnuts in apple cider sauce with mashed potatoes and prime steaks, priced by weight. The selection of tarts and fruit salad with champagne will make a perfect finale for a perfect meal. “Angelica’s” interior design contributes to the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant. 

The designer, Shahar Ben-Amram” used wooden tables with white tablecloths, warm lights, intimate bar and a fancy private room to create a clean and cozy look. Since the chefs’ goal is to make their customers happy, the prices are reasonable, accordingly. “We’ve opened ‘Angelica’ to provide a culinary pampering experience at convenient prices,” promise and keep the gifted chefs. Kosher

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Angelica Restaurant, Jerusalem


Fish carpaccio - NIS 48
Cured fish - NIS 52
Homemade merguez sausages - NIS 44
Seared beef fillet strips - NIS 56
Beef fillet tartare - NIS 58
Fioe gras tortellini - NIS 74
Green asparagus - NIS 46
Fish kebab - NIS 46
Mixed green salad - NIS 38
Summer fruit, mustard vinaigrette - NIS 38
Endive salad - NIS 46
Soup of the day - NIS 39

Main course

Half grilled chicken in sage and lemon - NIS 86
Fish of the day - NIS 96
Grilled chicken thigh - NIS 92
Chicken liver - NIS 78
Goose leg confit - NIS 98
Whole baked fish -  NIS 102
Eggplant cream, grilled vegetables & tomato vinaigrette - NIS 102.
Fish fillet - NIS 114
Lamb stew - NIS 132
Duck Breast - NIS 96
Warm veal corned beef - NIS 98
vegetables latkes & mixed greens salad - NIS 98
Eggplant terrine filled with ratatouille - NIS 78
garlic cream & garden vegetables - NIS 76.
Fettuccini - NIS 76

Steak by weight:

the price is for 100 gr. min. order of 200 grams
Fillet - 56 (min. 200 gr.)
Sirloin (min. 200 gr.)48
Entrecote – min. 250 gr.

Choice of Side Dish:

Gratin of orange vegetables
Mashed potatoes
Roasted potatoes filled with garlic cream

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Restaurant Details

From $ 45 .00 usd
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Location: 7 Shatz street, Jerusalem
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Phone: 972-(0)2-6230056
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm - 11:30pm.
Business Menu
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm - 5pm.
The displayed prices mention for a full meal. The prices might be changed.

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