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Wonderland Club Tel Aviv

The Wonderland is a new club in town, and already consider to be one of the leading nightclubs of Tel Aviv. During the weekend, the place is busy, what makes the entrance to the place very hard. So, if you wish to visit this place during the weekend make sure you arriving before 10, or you can make an online reservation and forget about all the long-line outside.  Like many others clubs in Tel Aviv, the Alcohol prices might be expensive (about 55 NIS for Vodka with Red-Bull).  If you're looking for a good party with good vibe, this is the place for you…

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Address: 8 HaArba'a street, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)3-3741187
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Age: 23+
Activity Hours
Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00PM - until the last customer
For further information regarding this bar/club don't hesitate to contact us with any question.
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