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The Witch & The Milkman Restaurant, Golan Heights

1100 meters above sea level in thel village of Nimrod is one of the most unique restaurants in Israel. The restaurant is situated in a marvelous wooden lodge overlooking the amazing views and natural scenery of the mountainous surroundings of Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights. This restaurant specialty is in various delightful Casseroles, such as the famous Osso bucco Meat Casserole and even a fabulous vegetarian casserole. The restaurant‘s unique atmosphere provides fresh rejuvenating energies where the delicious casseroles top it all up for a wonderful dining experience. The restaurant is only a 20 minute drive from Mount Hermon, very convenient.   

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The Witch & The Milkman Restaurant, Golan Heights


Homemade bread with butter, cabbage in sesame and olives - NIS 16

Homemade bread - NIS 8


Chef’s salad - NIS 36
Green leaves, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, mint, cubes of Feta cheese, sunflower & pumpkin seeds & walnuts with two sauces: red pepper and cider

Nimrod onion soup - NIS 32
Served with toasted bread and grilled cheese

Local herb cream soup - NIS 34
Served with sour cream and sumac seasoning

Liver pate with Cassis liquor - NIS 36
Served with a sauce of forest berries

Local gravlax - NIS 42
Served on pancake with whipped labane cheese and asparagus

Nimrod Cheese selection - NIS 76
A selection of fresh and matured goat cheeses (about 200 grams) -for to diners


The Provence Witch’s Cheese pastry - NIS 58
Goat’s cheese, egg plants and red peppers on a crispy pastry base

Truffles ravioli - NIS 62
Filled with sheep cheese in cream and saffron, in truffles cream

Hasyenda Zorrita's Casserole - NIS 64
Season vegetables in coconut and massala cream, with buckwheat

The Snowy Mountain Witch’s Luck Casserole - NIS 89
Pieces of Norwegian salmon cooked in a sauce of cream, coconut milk, ginger and orange, served with white rice

The Burgundy Witch’s Casserole - NIS 96
Selected veal cuts and lamb chorizos cooked in red wine with root vegetables, served on Friki (a kind of wheat)

The mountain-core witch's casserole - NIS 105
Osso bucco veal Cooked in high quality beer and fresh seasoning Served with puree, green beens and roasted red pepper

The Witch from Mount Katah’s Legendary

Lamb Casserole - NIS 118
Pieces of lamb from local pastures cooked in white wine and served with root vegetables and herbs and thick groats

Entrecote on sword 400 gr - NIS 135
served with root vegetables

In addition to the manu:

Chestnut soup - NIS 45

Tiger eye shrimps - NIS 58
in cream sauce with ginger and garlic

Chicken liver in apple caramel and red wine sauce - NIS 62
served on puree

Lamb Kebab in green tahina - NIS 66
served on wheat groats grain with lentils

Chicken in Champagne casserole - NIS 75
with forest mushrooms and puree

Pork rib 350g - NIS 84
in cream with Dijon seeds sauce

Fillet of Tuna - NIS 89
On the charcoal grill in teriyaki sauce


Parfait Duet - NIS 30
Caramel parfait and vanilla & bourbon parfait

Sherbet Trio - NIS 32
Cassis, Apricot- Amaretto, Coconut

Almere's homemade Apple pie - NIS 32

Hot Chocolate Fondant - NIS 32

Goat cheese trey - NIS 38 (for 100 g)

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From $ 40 .00 usd
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Location: Nimrod, Galilee & Golan
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Phone: 972-(0)4-6870049
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Activity Hours
Sunday - Saturday: 10am - Until the last customer.
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