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A Trip in the Most Fun City in Israel- Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that belongs to everyone- no matter if you like culture, history, night life or just chilling on the beach- Tel Aviv will provide all your wants. 
, Written by Yourway Team
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There are so many sites to visit in Tel Aviv that of course you can’t see them all in a day. In this next article we’ll try to go over some places in the city that you just don’t want to miss. We recommend you rent a bike (via Tel Aviv’s bike rental project) , which will allow you to hop from place to place more easily. So shall we get started?

Well, we’ll start the trip at the famous Shenkin St. which is a nice and small shopping street that has a few small coffee shops that allow a view towards the street. The street itself is pleasant and nice and is filled with great stores. From there we’ll continue east up to the corner of Shenkin St. and Rothschild Boulevard.

Rothschild Boulevard is the most famous boulevard in Tel Aviv and you won’t find an Israeli citizen that doesn’t know what it is. The street has mainly architectural buildings from the Bauhaus period, and has dozens of incredible buildings that all architecture lovers won’t be able to stay indifferent to the sight of them. Rothschild is in fact one of the best centers in Tel-Aviv because it’s filled with dozens of famous coffee shops, leading restaurants, bars and is the center of the night life. In addition, in the Boulevard you’ll find the famous Hagana Museum , which tells the story of the Israel Defense Forces and the Hagana.  

Levine House -   Rothschild Boulevard  -  Credit Picture: Avishai Taicher 

From there we’ll continue to Neve Tzedek Neighborhood which is close to Rothschild Boulevard, Neve Tzedek is in fact Tel Aviv’s first Neighborhood. The neighborhood is considered one of the prettiest in the city and is filled with old buildings that have undergone conservation work. Due to the neighborhoods beauty, over the years the place has developed and many leading restaurants and coffee shops were opened there, alongside art galleries and very well known jewelry galleries. In the neighborhood is the impressive Suzanne Dellal Center that besides it being a place worth visiting, its purpose and role is to foster and encourage the development of the Israeli art of dance combined with other arts.

 Neve Tzedek Neighborhood  

Walking along the neighborhood heading west will get you to the western exit point of the neighborhood which leads to Tel Aviv’s incredible beach. At this point there are a couple of places you can continue towards… The first, you can enjoy Tel Aviv’s beach- put your swimsuit on and go down to the beach and wait there for the beautiful sunset. In fact, at this stage you can finish your trip with a walk along the promenade towards the hotel you are staying in. If lying on the beach doesn’t attract you too much, the second option is to continue from there towards The Old Train Station.

In the county’s first days, The Old Train Station used to serve as the main and only train station in the Tel Aviv area. The station closed over 30 or so years ago and has been abandoned for years.Recently the renovations were completed and the compound was converted into a beautiful entertainment compound that kept the character of the train station. The first train is placed on display at the place and so are more interesting items.Moreover, a couple of days a week there is an Artist Market at the station, where the artists sell their works at reasonable prices. In addition, there is the famous Vicky Cristina Restaurant which will give your trip anther added value. 
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