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Toma Bar Tel Aviv

The Toma is a local neighborhood bar, located in the heart of Tel-Aviv. The Toma is a unique bar signified by its special and attractive drinking tracks that offer our clients a wide range of alcoholic drinks as part of our "drink as much as you can" deals. The tracks prices range from 59-99 shekels, a deal which attracts a wide range of clients, in terms of both the reasonable prices and the range of alcoholic beverages included in the deal.

At the Toma you can find a rich food menu, all of it made by the chef of the Martha restaurant located next to the bar. Entricot sandwiches, hamburgers, carpaccio, calamari, shrimp popcorn, and a wide selection of unique salads are all but a small part of the diverse menu that the Toma offers. The varied alcohol selection at the Toma, the "all you can drink" tracks and the rich and diverse food menu places the Toma as one of the leading bars in Tel-Aviv.

Questions and Answers

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Drink all you can

59 NIS Track
The perfect track to wake up with your future husband's buttoned shirt.

Includes: Red/ White Wine, Cava, Lambursco.
By buying a bangle: speed chaser – 7 NIS, premium- 14 NIS.

69 NIS Track
The fast track for compressing a barley field into a hairy, healthy beer belly.

Includes: Goldstar, Maccabi.
By buying a bangle: speed chaser – 7 NIS, premium- 14 NIS.

79 NIS Track
For the arrogant student who feels that the human's passions are stronger than his wisdom.
Includes: Arak, Heineken, Goldstar Unfilltered, Gewurztraminer.
By buying a bangle: speed chaser – 7 NIS, premium- 14 NIS.
79 NIS Cocktail Track- Cavabanga
I came to seek a pure pleasure and to lose control…

Includes: Lychee Mojito – mint, crushed lemons, rum, lychee liqueur, sour and fruit slices. 

89 NIS Track
I had a date and it crashed, luckily the guys came.
Includes: Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Absolut, Tequila.
By buying a bangle: speed chaser – 7 NIS, premium- 14 NIS.

99 NIS Track
A pretentious understanding of quality alcohol with an aversion to the oligarchic ivory tower's snobbishness.

Includes: Crystal, Campari, Havana Club, Beefeater, Olmeca Gold.
By buying a bangle: speed chaser – 7NIS, premium- 14NIS.

119 NIS Track
For oligarchs with sensitive palates and exquisite taste. 

Includes: Flavored Three Olives, Jameson, Bombay, Captain Morgan, Cuervo.
By buying a bangle: speed chaser – 7NIS, premium- 14NIS.

  • Promising Watermelon - arak, watermelon monin, lime and mint.
  • Bitter- Sweet- Campari, mango monin, pineapple monin, lime and fruit slices.
  • Sautéed Mango- Cava, mango monin and cranberries.
  • The End of the Orange Season- orange vodka, lime, ginger monin and fruit slices.
  • Apple Martini- vodka, martini, melon Schnapps, apple liqueur and fruit slices.
  • By buying a bangle: Flavored Van Gogh chaser- 14NIS. 


  • Seasoned Olives                                                                                                    12 NIS
  • Japanese Pickles  - Homemade pickling                                                         14 NIS
  • Adamame                                                                                                                24 NIS
  • Focaccia three dips - salsa, Tahini, olive oil and balsamic                          20 NIS            
  • Salsa Nachos with two dips                                                                                 24 NIS
  • Munchies Squares with salsa and labneh                                                       24 NIS
  • French Fries                                                                                                            22 NIS

  • Beef Carpaccio olive oil, balsamic and Parmesan                                         36 NIS
  • Vegetable Plate roughly chopped, Atlantic salt                                                24 NIS
  • Fattoush Salad tomato, cucumber, radish,
    purple onion, Feta cheese and croutons.                                                          29  NIS      
  • Sicilian Salad seared artichoke, sweet potato chips,
    cherry, purple onion, radish, Feta and reduced balsamic,
    fresh arugula leaves.                                                                                             29 NIS
  • Meat Cigars served with Tahini                                                                            29 NIS
  • Meat Empanadas beef - filled dumplings, served with Tahini                       29 NIS
  • Fried Cauliflower on tomato salsa and yogurt - parsley Tahini                     29 NIS
  • Spring Chicken Yakitori 150gr. in Asian chili mix sauce                                32 NIS
  • Onion Rings and French Fries with pepper aioli sauce                                  29 NIS
  • Puree Balls 6 crispy- coated balls, served with pepper aioli                          28 NIS
  • Chicken Wings 12/24 pieces with chili butter sauce                                       29/49 NIS

Main Courses

  • Hamburger served with French fries,   
    toppings: sunny side up egg, hot peppers, cheese, mushrooms, onion              56 NIS                                                           
  • Entrecote Sandwich beef slices seared on the plancha, served in a crispy
    ciabatta and French fries                                                                                                 54 NIS
  • Chicken Burger chicken slices in smoked paprika marinade,
    served in a hamburger bun with French fries                                                             48 NIS
  • Toma Pizza toppings: olives, mushrooms, onion, Bulgarian cheese,
    hot peppers, pepperoni (with an addition of 4NIS)                                                    32 NIS
  • Mini- Schnitzels breadcrumbs - coated chicken slices,
    served with pepper aioli                                                                                                  32 NIS
  • Baked Caprese a half of crispy ciabatta, pesto,
    Mozzarella and tomato.                                                                                                   29 NIS
  • Tavern Combination mini schnitzels, onion rings, puree balls,
    cigars, empanadas, served with Tahini and pepper aioli                                        79 NIS


  • Warm Chocolate Soufflé served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream                       38 NIS 
  • Cheese Cake vanilla crème fraiche and berries sauce                                            42 NIS
  • Fruit Sorbet mango, coconut, strawberry                                                                     34 NIS
  • Ice Dream 3 scoops- cookies, salted caramel and Amaretto cherry                      38 NIS


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Address: 26 Ibn Gabirol street, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
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Phone: +972586622923
Payment: Cash & Credit card
Age: 25+
Activity Hours
Every day: 6pm - until the last customer.
For further information regarding this bar/club don't hesitate to contact us with any question.
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