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Tip for your trip

So, you have decided to leave your hotel, congratulations! You will not be disappointed. Not only will it be good physical activity but also an exhilarating trip through a variety of attractions. 
, Written by Yourway
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1. First thing is first, Israel is hot. So most importantly carry sufficient water. Not less than a littler per person per kilometer of trail.

2. Because it is so hot, use all related sun blockers: sunscreen, hat and of course dress lightly.

3. Shoes: make sure you have comfortable shoes and because parts of the trails will include water, we recommend using shoes that are suited for walking in water.

4. Cell phone: just in case, Israel has cell - coverage practically anywhere.

5. In case you arrive with a car, leave the detail and route plan in your car  just to be safe. That way, in any emergency situation, the authorities will know where you are.

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