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The Bordel Tel Aviv

They say there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, oh how they are right .... The Bordel is a unique concept bar in Tel Aviv that for nine years, we have made it a goal to be the craziest happy and loud bar in town, come to enjoy the unique service and ambiance you will not find anywhere in the world! As our motto says: There is no other place!! 

If you are looking for a quiet bar to have a nice conversation, this is NOT the place for you, however, if you're seeking for happy vibe, high-quality alcohol and loud music, you definitely should check this place. Although the bar is small and dancing floor doesn't exist it's not prevents from the guests to dance on the bar as you can see on the pictures. In addition to all this, the bar located in the heart of the nightlife scene of Tel Aviv, so there are more places nearby you can check. Enjoy the night. 

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Address: 52 Nahalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-(0)52-2552462 / 052-8520280
Payment: Cash and Credit Card
Age: 21+
Activity Hours
Monday: 10PM - 4AM
Wednesday - Saturday: 10PM - 4AM
For further information regarding this bar/club don't hesitate to contact us with any question.
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